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Psychiatric Associates of Kingsport, LLP

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Guiding you down your path to happiness...

"Think of it as magic trick....you can go anywhere to be entertained. But wouldn't you like to know how the trick works?"
~ Dr. Buckner~

We strive to create a safe and comforting
enviornment for our patients.
Our goal is to improve the quality of
life of individuals and families
by compassionately serving their
mental well being. We want to
offer you the tools and support
needed to succeed.

We come from a different approach- offering monthly injections to help manage your symptoms, genetic testing to determine which medications will work best for you, and a timely access. Dr. Buckner has been working in the area for nearly fifteen years. Coping with ADHD himself has left him motivated to help others and change the way we treat those seeking care for their mental health.
Please do not hesistate to call today!

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